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The Eisenstrasse Book

faithfully reflects its native region, the Iron Road Cultural Park (Kulturpark Eisenstrasse), which lies in the south-west Mostviertel region of Lower Austria.

Created in the mild, wild region of Mostviertel, this special “Iron Road Book” has been shaped by ancient handicraft traditions and the five elements which formed the central theme of the “Fire, Water, Earth, Wood, Metal” regional exhibition in 2007. The five elements and the landscape of these parts have for centuries left their stamp on the work and creativity of the people, making the Iron Road Cultural Park unique through their mutual interplay.

The people living along the Iron Roadstill proudly wear their elegant traditional costume on special occasions. Just as the bodice is to the traditional regional Dirndl dress, so its covering is to the Eisenstrasse Book.

The five elements have given this book its colours. Like the region itself, it changes in the bright light of the sun, sometimes revealing mildness, sometimes wildness. Its design is based on the centuries-old sgrafitto designs on the Hammerherren-Haus (Blacksmith’s House) in Lunz am See – where the prosperous Schwarzen Grafen (“blacksmith lords”) once presided over the craft of forging: the finishing touches have been applied to this book using forged wrought-iron elements.

Thus, bound, forged and embossed in the Iron Road region, this book is a work of art created through authentic handicraft traditions, offering space to preserve many precious things for posterity in writing or pictures.