Lexicon of Bookbinding

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  • The application of gold leaf to the edges of the leaves of a book which have been trimmed, sized, primed with Armenian bole, covered with gold leaf and burnished.

  • The paring away of the edge of a piece of leather at an angle of 45 degrees. See also paring.

  • Paper, cloth or leather impressed with a pattern or false grain.

  • Collective term used to describe headbands and tailbands. See also headband, tailband,

  • The sheets of paper (two or more) which come between the cover and the sewn sections. Part of the binding construction, they comprise, at their most basic, a board paper, also referred to as a pastedown (which is usually coloured and which serves to counteract the warp of the boards caused by the covering material) and a free fly leaf, which protects the first or last pages of text.

  • In the production of paper, the addition of resin size to the pulp at the mixer stage, before it is made into paper.

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