Lexicon of Bookbinding

All the important terms from A to Z

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  • See bands.

  • A quantity of paper: 480 sheets of handmade, 500 sheets of machine made.

  • The right-hand page of a book, usually with an odd page number.

  • A page-marker made of a length of ribbon, one end of which is glued to the spine before lining.

  • French term for a binding.

  • In books,the removal of damage to paper and binding. The restoration must be carried out with a lot of patience and skill to prevent new damage. The restored sites must remain recognizable. Buchbinder professional with special training. For this there are training institutes. Unlike the restoration is the "preserving" obtaining the instantaneous state.

  • 'Seconds' in handmade paper.

  • Cloth surfaced with a mixture of cellulose nitrate, camphor oil and alcohol, and embossed to look like leather.

  • A type of sheepskin.

  • Handmade paper with a rough surface imparted to it by being pressed when wet between heavy felt mats, or 'blankets'. Artists' watercolour paper is an example.

  • Shaping the backbone of the book into a convex shape in preparation for backing.

  • Tanned hide treated with birch-bark oil, frequently diced, i.e. incised with intersecting diagonal lines.

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