Lexicon of Bookbinding

All the important terms from A to Z

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  • In cloth, the threads which run the length of the roll. Sometimes referred to as the grain direction. See also weft.

  • A protective sheet of paper incorporated in the endpapers and either cut down or removed during binding.

  • A secure knot for joining thread together.

  • In cloth, the threads which run at right angles to the length of the roll.

  • A binding that is covered entirely in the same material.

  • In papermaking, the moving belt of woven phosphor bronze or nylon on which the pulp falls to make the paper web and which thus determines the grain direction of the fibres.

  • Paper without a pattern of wires, normally visible when held to the light.

  • The covers of a binding that has no boards. They can be paper or vellum.

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