Lexicon of Bookbinding

All the important terms from A to Z

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  • Collectingthe sections or sheets together in the correct sequence to make up a complete book.

  • Decorating the edges of a book, usually gilded, by using heated finishing tools or rolls which indent small repeat patterns. See also edge gilding.

  • A book with covering material extended at the top to enable it to be hooked to a belt.

  • A preparation of white of egg or shellac used to fix the gold leaf in tooling and edge gilding.

  • is madewith the heated stamping press, in the 19th century common use of gold leaf on primed with protein materials has given replacement metals, primarily gold-colored aluminum foil.

  • Gold (or gold substitute) sprayed electronically onto a plastic, paper or cellophane backing. Used industrially for the titling of mass-produced books and by the craft binder for economical bindings.

  • An alloy of 22 carats gold and 2 carats silver, beaten by machine to a thinness of 1/250,000 of an inch (.0000025 cm) and used for titling and decorating books.

  • A method of book decoration involving the impressing of heated tools through gold leaf into the leather or cloth.

  • The orientation of the fibres in paper and board, or of the warp thread in cloth. The grain must always run from head to tail of the book.

  • A style of decoration used particularly in the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries on the bindings of classical Greek texts, characterised by the extension of the spine leather at head and tail to protect double endbands, also use of grooved wooden boards and four clasps of plaited leather catching onto pins.

  • Grams per square metre. The standard measurement used for weighing paper and board.

  • A type of binding, e.g. a photograph album, in which the spine is bulked out by the addition of narrow strips or folds of paper so that it is the right size when photographs or other inserts are added.

  • 1. Strips of paper or cloth pasted or glued to the back folds of sections, or to single diagrams or maps, for their repair or reinforcement.

    2. Narrow folds or strips of paper or card used in guard books.

  • A guestbookis generally a media designed for visitors of a certain place book with blank pages, can be left in the comments and / or name. Guest accounts are held mainly by public institutions such as museums, restaurants or hotels, but also for private individuals and student organizations. Especially in traditional places you can often find items of historical figures in the old guest books. Special cases of the guest book are the condolence book, are recorded in the case of death of any condolences or the Golden Book, which is run in town halls and in the community to honor the guests enter.

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